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Capture Contact Form 7 enquiries on Google Sheets using free plugins
On previous articles we covered how to store your Contact Form 7 enquiries on the WordPress backend by using a database plugin. You can choose to integrate Google Sheets with Contact Form 7 alongside the above or as a standalone. We’ve tested both together and they work just fine.... Read more
Creating a WordPress CRM for free using Contact Form 7 Plugin
One of the best known pains of using online forms to receive web enquiries is that you can never be sure if you received the email notification for every single form submission. It is possible that the 1 you never got could be worth a lot of money to... Read more
Creating a free CRM System with WordPress – Completely Free
Let’s start by asking why. Why would someone not signup for one of the various freemium CRM systems out there such as Zoho or Agile or up and coming FreshSales? If you’re a WordPress enthusiast, the answer is simple: Because you prefer all your systems to be in 1... Read more
How to turn WordPress into a CRM system
Although WordPress is best known as a CMS (Content Management System) which is used to create and manage websites, it’s also commonly know that it has the most amount of plugins (add-ons) of any CMS today. The free approach Just like WordPress itself, most of these plugins are offered... Read more